Off Road Solutions

Whether your Off-Road Project requires tracks or rubber-tires, we can meet your requirements with our fully-equipped Off-Road Fleet. Heavy Off-Road Equipment provides a heavy frame with increased performance and corresponding Attachments increase the capabilities of the Cat D7R, John Deere 9470R 4WD Tractor, and John Deere 624 Loader for a customized solution for your job. CBT Ltd. offers an extensive Foremost Fleet which provides the capability of traversing a wide variety of adverse terrain conditions such as mud, muskeg, and snow. CBT Ltd. will configure optimum solutions for your job to reduce loss to equipment, reputation, and environment with additions to Off-Road Equipments such as Hydrovac, Winch and Picker. CBT Ltd. has the equipment and experience to help you remediate potential losses.

  • Foremost Super Delta 3 w/ Winch & Picker
  • Bombardier Snowcat BR275
  • Foremost Nodwell Husky 8
  • Foremost Chieftan C w/ Hydrovac
  • Foremost Chieftan C
  • Foremost Nodwell 320
  • Foremost Nodwell 240
  • Foremost Nodwell 110
  • John Deere 750J Crawler Dozer
  • John Deere 624K Loader
  • John Deere 410J Backhoe
  • Foremost Super Delta 3 w/ and Hydrovac
  • John Deere 333E Compact Track Loader
  • John Deere 290G LC Hydraulic Excavator
  • Cat D7R w/ Attachments