About Us

Cadieux Bros. Transport Ltd. has been at the forefront of Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector since 1987. Based out of Lac La Biche AB. Canada, CBT Ltd. has been providing Heavy Hauling nationally across Canada for over 36 years, in addition to meeting the demands of Alberta’s Oil Sector with Oilfield Rentals since 1997, and providing Off-Road Solutions for over 15 years.


When CBT Ltd. acquired its first Bed Truck - a 1981 Kenworth C500 for $40,000 CDN - Interest Rates were over 10.5%, and the truck earned $75 an hour including operator.


Global Economic challenges lasted through 1986 and Crude Oil prices dropped to $12 a barrel. In 1987, CBT Ltd. was incorporated and 2 years later the fleet expanded with the purchase of 1989 Peterbilt Winch Truck. Crude Oil prices peaked that year at $24 a barrel and while Interest Rates declined, the fleet continued to expand to service the increase in demand for Oilfield Heavy Hauling.


In 1996, 50 years after Leduc #1 struck Black Gold in a farmers field outside of Leduc Alberta, CBT Ltd. expanded with the addition a rental division Deran Oilfield Services, in an effort to service a demand for Oilfield Rental Equipment in Alberta’s booming Oil Sector.


From 1997 onward, CBT Ltd. continued to grow with the addition of Bed, Picker, and Winch Trucks, as well as Specialty Tanks and Rental Equipment, including generators, light plants, bridges, and boilers.

Implementation of the Off-Road division commenced to fill a gap in service requiring mobile equipment with low-ground pressure, such as the Foremost Nodwell , Snowcat, and Super Delta units, and to access remote and environmentally sensitive areas.

The development of the Oilfield Services division continues to evolve dependant on client needs. Purchasers seeking specialty services and units will appreciate CBT Ltd’s. extensive scope of work such as fabrication, welding, and sandblasting. Services are further supplemented with a Mechanic Truck and Steamer Unit in conjunction with qualified and experienced Operators.

Today, CBT Ltd. continues to pursue the following Objectives -
  1. Invest in and maintain the Oilfield Heavy Hauling fleet by adhering to compliance and safety regulations, and promoting the highest standards.
  2. Offer solution-based Oilfield Rentals that save time and money by targeting maximum efficiency.
  3. Equip clients with Off-Road Solutions to reduce loss to equipment, reputation, and environment.
  4. Offer Oilfield Services to close the gap in supplementary Services.

CBT. Ltd. strives to maintain client relationships through honesty and integrity.
As a leader in Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector, CBT Ltd. is your Only Call!