Heavy Hauling

Winch Tractors & Trailers

Designed to allow the operator to drag an object into place on the 5th-wheel mount, CBT Ltd. Winch Tractors efficiently load and haul Bins, Tanks and Office Trailers. You can count on us for the experience to configure the best Tractor and Trailer for the payload.

  • Tandem Trailers

    CBT Ltd. Tandem Axle Trailers provide increased capacity which offers more room for the payload.

  • Tri-Axle Trailers

    Designed to provide better weight displacement, CBT Ltd. Tri-Axle Trailers offer more stability of the payload.

  • Belly Dump Trailer

    CBT Ltd. Belly Dump Trailers minimize weight and maximize payload which offers a faster turnaround time

  • End Dump Trailer

    Capable of hauling more cubic meters of payload compared to other types of dump trailers, CBT Ltd. End Dump Trailers maximize productivity.

  • Low Boy Trailer

    Designed for a steadier ride, CBT Ltd. Low Boy Trailers allow placement of taller and heavier payloads at the front of the Trailer.

  • High Boy Trailer

    CBT Ltd. utilizes High Boy Trailers to haul stackable payloads.