Oilfield Rentals

For projects planned or otherwise, CBT Ltd. Oilfield Rental Division is available to ensure the equipment you need is available when and where you need it.

  • Bins & Tanks

    CBT Ltd. has Bin & Tank Solutions for your job. Horizontal Bins ranging in volume from 5 – 90 m3 and Vertical Tanks from 100 to 1000 bbl provide temporary or permanent on or off-site storage of fluids/solids including hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbons. Whether for planned or unplanned outages, short or long term projects, Bin & Tank Solutions include Blow Down/Slop/Shale; Single/Double Wall; Sloped/Insulated/Lined, Floc/Pressure and Tank Farms.

  • Boilers

    Need Steam? CBT Ltd. provides Boilers for temporary hot-water or steam projects, for planned or unplanned outages, short or long term, including snow-melt projects.

  • Bridges

    CBT Ltd. offers Bridges in a variety of sizes and tonnage for short or long-term construction and road access projects including seasonal solutions.

  • Containment

    CBT Ltd. provides Primary & Secondary Containment in a variety of sizes and configurations for short or long-term projects.

  • Fittings & Hoses

    In conjunction with Bins & Tanks, CBT Ltd. provides Fittings & Hoses Solutions in a variety of sizes and configurations customized to Tank requirements.

  • Flare Stacks

    For testing or managing waste, CBT Ltd. rents Flare Stacks year round.

  • Generators & Light Towers

    When your project requires electricity, CBT Ltd. rents Portable and Stationary Generators & Light Towers for short or long-term projects.

  • Matting

    For temporary support of structures and/or equipment, or as a structural road-way during projects, CBT Ltd. offers Matting for on-site and Off-Road/Remote Access projects.

  • Office Trailers

    When the job requires Skid or Wheel Mounted Sleepers/Office Trailers, CBT Ltd. offers rental units to support administrative services during projects.

  • Pumps

    CBT Ltd. rents Flyght, Transfer or Trash Pumps for transfer of fluids during projects.

Deran Oilfield Services provides Oilfield Rentals when and where you need them. We offer fluid solutions to meet plant needs during shut-down periods and for extended durations. As your scope of work changes, we are ready! During your entire scheduled event, we are available to pivot and adjust as your rental equipment needs change. From Mobilization to Demobilization, we are ready and available to provide the equipment you need during the off-stream process.

Oilfield Rentals

Oil and gas fields are by nature in remote areas, but Deran Oilfield Services delivers supplies and equipment through rough weather and off of the beaten paths. You can contact us in a pinch for any emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our operators transport and set up every type of material you need, including: